All our channels and moldings are produced in-house with the utmost precision.

For the fabrication of our round and rectangular ducts we use a galvanized sheet Galva DX51D + Z275 MACE. For the production of the rectangular channels, the standard length is 1500 mm. All channels shorter than 1500 mm are considered as shaped parts.

All channels with a side smaller than 700 mm are automatically provided with a frame of 20 mm.


The minimum dimension for a channel is 100 x 150 mm.


The channels with a side larger than 700 mm have a frame of 30 mm.


The rectangular channels are feasible for low or high pressure. With a density class A, B, C or D on request.


Rectangular curves have a radius of 150 mm as standard

Round Channels have a standard length of 3000 mm. Lengths up to 6000 mm are available on request.

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